Paul Harvey Ocular Nutrition Duped

Paul Harvey Ocular Nutrition – Part 1 Hi-Health Fined by FTC

“Hi-Health: Ocular Nutrition” Dietary Supplement Fined $450,000

“Hi-Health:Ocular Nutrition” Dietary Supplement Fined $450,000 – Part 1

Here’s the post I promised when I stated “In a future post I will reference what happened to one company that was overzealous in their claims.” here AMD Cured.

Hi-Health Supermart Corp and its owner Simon Chaplin ended up settling with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) after making unsubstantiated claims about “Premier Formula for Ocular Nutrition-Optima 3 (Ocular Nutrition).

Their claims were:
1) Their Ocular Nutrition Formula could restore vision already lost from age-related macular degeneration.
2) And eliminate floaters (small specks moving in the field of vision).

The FTC Administrative Consent Agreement banned the respondents from these specific claims of their ocular nutrition or any similar supplement. That is unless they had competent and reliable scientific evidence to support their claims. It also required the $450,000 to be paid to the FTC.

Now, how many pople suffering from AMD would rush to buy this product if these claims were true. Your guess is as good as mine, I just know that would be a “very” large number making them millions of dollars.

What’s worse is these claims were apparently false since they settled with the FTC agreeing to pay the $450K. So, they must have made a lot more than this.

Another thing was the avenue in which these claims were made. It was on a very popular syndicated radio show. If you haven’t guessed it already, yes none other than Paul Harvey. I used to listen to Paul Harvey News & Comment radio show, all the time growing up trying to catch his “Rest of the Story”. Where I would learn a dose of history the fun and interesting way.

Paul Harvey is a man of great character and is known for his voice, wit and speaking the truth. Who wouldn’t believe anything that he said. Now Hi-Health Ocular Nutrition became known as Paul Harvey’s Ocular Nutrition or Paul Harvey’s eye vitamins. People are still searching for this Paul Harvey’s “Premier Formula for Ocular Nutrition.

Now, there is something to be said about using the right spokeperson to help you build a name for your business or product. I just cringe about they way they used a man I admire and respect and using false claims.

Part 2 other claims

Here is Paul Harveys original formula for Ocular Nutrition
Paul Harvey’s Ocular Nutrition Formula


The FTC site

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