Paul Harvey Ocular Nutrition

Paul Harvey Ocular Nutrition Formula

Paul Harvey Premier Formula for Ocular Nutrition has become popular over the years. It began with a very good marketing campaign sponsored by Hi-Heath Supermart Corp of AZ. Hi-Health had some really powerful sales copy written just for the Paul Harvey News & Comment radio show.

I still love Paul Harvey’s radio program and have a lot of respect for him. However, I believe Hi-Health took advantage of Paul Harvey’s “presence” the character in which he spent years building as a man who speaks of facts especially with his “The Rest of the Story” feature.

Paul Harvey’s Ocular Nutrition Tablets

To read more about what happened and get the scoop on Paul Harvey Premier Formula for Ocular Nutrition and what happened with Hi-Health read these two articles:

Now there are a lot of vitamin sites that claim to be:

There is a lot of vitamins being sold based on the credibility and belief in Paul Harvey. He is still a great spokesman and good celebrity to have in your corner for advertising.

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