Nutrition & Eye Health

Nutrition and Eye Health

We are searching for every piece of nutrition in the foods that we digest such as fruit and vegetables that could benefit our eye health.  We will place a link on this page as we find them.

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Antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin for your eye health

Best vegetables and their benefits for your ocular nutrition

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Ocular Nutrition and Your Eye Health

Eating a healthy well-balanced diet should be a part of your eye health management plan.  Eye health is an important part of your overall health program.

The following articles are a guide to eye health. Please consult your health care professional or a qualified nutritionist before making major changes to your diet.

Be aware that some foods may interact with prescription drugs and may not suit your medical conditions.

Antioxidants are important to our eye health

Antioxidants are found in many of the foods we eat. When your cells turn food and oxygen into energy they also produce ‘free radicals.’

These free radicals are thought to be a contributing factor in the cause of AMD and other diseases. If your system is operating at peak health the free radicals are neutralized by antioxidants before they can cause any damage.

Check out these pages to the left for what vegetables and fruits provide the right nutrients for good eye health.

Also remember: You should see an eye doctor at least once per year if you have “normal” vision.  Diseases like AMD can sneak up over time and once the symptoms appear it can sometimes become more difficult to treat. Ask your doctor about any ocular nutrition advice he or she has while you are visiting. Once you are armed with the facts you can start feeding your eyes so they will serve you better and longer.

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