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Welcome to NutritionOcular – the website that helps individuals interested in Ocular Nutrition and Eye Vitamins and supplements learn about how nutrients can assist the health of our eyes.

My name is Chris Watson and I’m a full time Systems Administrator for a high speed telecommunications manufacturer.

From Curiosity to Research

I began wearing glasses back in college in 1984. I found a seat in the lecture room among some friends and while taking notes, realized I could not see what the professor was writing on the chalk board. I asked my friends if they could see it and they stated yes. One was wearing glasses and the other wasn’t. They suggested I get my eyes examined.

A few days later I was diagnoses as Nearsightedness (Myopia) or myopic. I could see things close up but not as well at a distance. Or as stated by Merriam-Webster “a condition in which the visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye resulting especially in defective vision of distant objects”.

I started wearing contacts and had glasses for a backup. I went back and forth with those for several years. It wasn’t until three years ago while my wife was working as an Opthalmic Technician that I decide to take the plung and get Lasik surgery.

Dr. William Mitchell of the Huntsville Laser Center performed the surgery and was brilliant in his ability and bed-side manner as a doctor. My wife actually assited with the procedure. Their website is: http://www.huntsvillelasercenter.com/html/procedures.html

The clarity that the surgery provided was outstanding! I thought, why did I ever wait so long. It was just amazing what the surgery afforded me in returning my vision. Being able to see the clock on the wall immediately afterwards was great.

I have always been interested in vitamins, nutrients and supplements taking at least multi-vitamins for as long as I can remember. While reading in college my eyes would get tired. My mother would say to eat plenty of carrots because it helps your eyes ocular nutrition.

While working daily with computers my eye would get tired from computer eye strain.
So I began researching eye vitamins and ocular nutrition. We only have one set of eyes and we need to take care of them. I wanted to find out if there were nutrients that strengthened our eyes or at least slowed down any deterioration that might occur. There are a lot of ocular nutrients and eye vitamins for sale I wanted to see which ones lived up to the hype or if there was any truth to the promises that were made.

This site is dedicated to helping others interested in keeping their site and possibly strengthening or repairing any damage that has been done.

This website will be an online record of the research I perform and what i have learned about ocular nutrition and eye vitamins.

You may Contact me chris a t nutrition ocular.com (pardon the separation, it is due to spam engines).

p.s. Yes, I hate spam as much as you do.


Chris Watson

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