Ocular Nutrition – Keeping Eye’s Healthy Article

Ocular Nutrition – Keeping Eye’s Healthy

Ocular Nutrition – Keeping Eye’s Healthy
Interview: Dr Robert Able Jr.

What can we do to keep our eye’s healthy?

What can we do to keep our eye’s healthy?

“It’s very simple; first of all you need to protect yourself from sunlight. We are out there [outside] having good times on the beach and you need good sunglasses. Good Sunglasses block UVA [ultraviolet-A], UVB [ultraviolet-B] and possibly even blue light.

Second, you want to make good dietary choices by avoiding saturated fats and Trans fats. Have the long chain omega 3 fats in your diet. You want to have the Green leafy’s and the colorful foods and plants because they have the carotenoids and other important ingredients [great ocular nutrition tips].

You don’t want to ‘drink’ too much [alcohol] ; one cup of coffee is good for the liver too much coffee dehydrates you. Artificial sweeteners are very irritating to the eye especially with dry eyes and glaucoma. Irritating things like artificial colors and sweeteners you don’t think about “will” catch up to you [remember to eat good ocular nutritional foods and reduce or avoid the bad ones listed above].

Dr. Able goes on in the interview to talk about smoking ; stress; sunglasses; draining lymphatics.

He also discusses the importance of Eye Vitamins for night vision; Bilberry; Lutein; protecting photoreceptors; zinc and making sure you have a “Total Package” for protecting the health of your eye’s.

Read the whole article on Healthy Eye’s and Eye Vitamins Here.

Dr Able wrote the book “The Eye Care revolution: Prevent and Reverse Common Vision Problems]. Find a copy of Dr Ables book here Eye Care Prevent Problems

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