Choosing and Eye Care Professional

In the previous post I spoke on the need for keeping healthy eyes through regular check-ups, and eye exams.

Once writing it and the short eye health article with it this next page came along naturally next. Ever wonder what to look for when choosing and eye care practitioner? I hope the article below becomes a sticky page for you to reference in your search.

There are several things to consider when choosing or changing eye care professionals and it may not be all about price, or certifications… I encourage you to read through and tell me if you agree or there are any other things that may have been left out.

You can find the full article on choosing and Eye Care Professional here.

Eye Health

Eye Health

Good eye care becomes critical to protect your sight; it can help prevent common eye disorders, and allow for the treatment of eye problems early. Finding eye issues early, often lead to healthier eyes and can extend the quality of vision.

Eye Health: A Visit to the Eye Doctor

It is important to be proactive in your eye health, yes men it’s not just for women…

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Should Eye Vitamins Contain Ginkgo biloba

Should Eye Vitamins Contain Ginkgo Biloba

Visual Field Improvements

The research results showed improvements in Visual field; retinal ganglion cell function or improved cognitive abilities.

Gingko Biloba Protects Eye and Brain

These positive effects could have stemmed from improved blood flow to the eye, brain and/or both. Gingko Biloba had a neuroprotective effect on brain and eyes.

Of course as everything they state “further studies are needed to determine by what mechanisms Gingko may benefit patients with glaucoma”.

If you want to read the abstract check it out here: Ginko Biloba Glaucoma Abstract

Ocular Nutrition – Keeping Eye’s Healthy Article

Ocular Nutrition – Keeping Eye’s Healthy

Ocular Nutrition – Keeping Eye’s Healthy
Interview: Dr Robert Able Jr.

What can we do to keep our eye’s healthy?

What can we do to keep our eye’s healthy?

“It’s very simple; first of all you need to protect yourself from sunlight. We are out there [outside] having good times on the beach and you need good sunglasses. Good Sunglasses block UVA [ultraviolet-A], UVB [ultraviolet-B] and possibly even blue light.

Second, you want to make good dietary choices by avoiding saturated fats and Trans fats. Have the long chain omega 3 fats in your diet. You want to have the Green leafy’s and the colorful foods and plants because they have the carotenoids and other important ingredients [great ocular nutrition tips].

You don’t want to ‘drink’ too much [alcohol] ; one cup of coffee is good for the liver too much coffee dehydrates you. Artificial sweeteners are very irritating to the eye especially with dry eyes and glaucoma. Irritating things like artificial colors and sweeteners you don’t think about “will” catch up to you [remember to eat good ocular nutritional foods and reduce or avoid the bad ones listed above].

Dr. Able goes on in the interview to talk about smoking ; stress; sunglasses; draining lymphatics.

He also discusses the importance of Eye Vitamins for night vision; Bilberry; Lutein; protecting photoreceptors; zinc and making sure you have a “Total Package” for protecting the health of your eye’s.

Read the whole article on Healthy Eye’s and Eye Vitamins Here.

Dr Able wrote the book “The Eye Care revolution: Prevent and Reverse Common Vision Problems]. Find a copy of Dr Ables book here Eye Care Prevent Problems

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I have some draft articles for this site so hang on for more Eye Vitamins and nutrients insight.

Let me know with a comment or post what else you would like to see or researched.